16 September 2012
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DPF Removal

If you are having a worry with your current diesel particulate filter (DPF) you’re not alone, there are a large number of people all around the UK which have been facing high dealer bills to change DPF’s that cannot be regenerated by main dealers.

www.dpf-removal.co.uk offer a viable option to completely remove the DPF at less than 50% of main dealer prices in most cases.

Whenever your vehicle gets a DPF issue, it will eventually get to a point in which the car is going into limp mode, or may not even start, until this DPF filter has been replaced or removed.

The price of DPF replacements is incredibly high, some clients reporting complete replacement fees of upto £2000 and even more.

Complete DPF REMOVAL SOFTWARE is a final solution and end to all your dpf problems.

When the worlds latest hardware/software available we can remove the DPF code from your ECU via your cars diagnostic socket (OBD) or occasionally we need to remove the ECU from your car and program on the bench. The exact method used for DPF REMOVAL would depend on a variety of factors, including your vehicles make and model.

DPF Problems Explained.

Most modern diesel engine engines have a DPF  fitted. The DPF accumulates particulates of black smoke, soot, HC, along with other contaminates produced by your diesel engine.

The particulates trapped in the dpf will begin to react with O2 once at a temperature of 550°c or NO2 at 250°c. Providing the vehicle is driven at low continuous rev’s on a regular basis, and the exhaust temperature is above 250°c and the Catalyst is producing NO2 the DFF should regenerate and recover. If the vehicle is only used only for light everyday work then exhaust gases may not reach in excess of 250°c therefore the recovery procedure maybe interrupted. If this was to continue the particulates in the DPF will then begin to collect and eventually block. At this state the exhaust gas pressure would increase and the power and performance of the vehicle along with fuel consumption would decrease dramatically.

Be aware short journeys are not good for maintaing your DPF.

In most cases the owners manual provides details on how to force regenerate your DPF. Alternativly  please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to point you in the right direction.

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