DPF Removal in Denton

F.A.Q’s about DPF Removal

My DPF light on my dashboard keeps coming on, what should I do about it?

This means that your DPF is partially blocked and needs to regenerate. If you do not regenerate you could experience loss of engine power and unfortunately be a start of your problems with the DPF. Once the DPF light has come on you should drive in 4th gear at around 2000 RPM on a dual carriage-way or motorway for 20-45 mins to initiate regeneration of the DPF. But realistically it is difficult to keep at a constant speed and know if you have been going long enough to fix the problem. So if this does not clear the DPF warning light, you should get your car diagnosed or consider DPF removal.

How much does DPF removal cost?
Please contact us and we will quote you with a cost for DPF removal.

If I carry on driving my car with the DPF light on, can it damage the engine?

If the DPF light has only come on recently, it means that your DPF is partially blocked and you should try and regenerate it to clean it out (see questions one).

If the DPF light and other lights are on your dashboard, this could mean that the DPF is more than partially blocked and a regeneration is required urgently to avoid damage to the engine. If you do not regenerate or seek advice once the light comes on it could lead to engine failure and could be a very costly problem to fix.

How is the DPF Removal done?

To begin removing the DPF we need to read the original software from your vehicle ECU, This is done 90% of the time through the OBD socket through an interface on a laptop. We start by backing up the original software, when the original software is backed up we can remove all DPF structures in the software.

Then the new software can be programmed into your vehicle ECU. Once the software has been removed and replaced the DPF can be removed from your vehicle, the temperature and pressure sensor is removed from the exhaust or it can be left in if you want your vehicle to look like stock arrangement.

Once this is done the vehicle will not attempt to regenerate and will not produce any black smoke from behind. No DPF check light or engine management light will be visible on the dashboard and you should notice a better MPG on your vehicle.

Will the vehicle pass an MOT test with the DPF Removed?

Yes the DPF is not a requirement for an MOT.

Is the work Guaranteed?

Yes all our work is Guaranteed.

My vehicle is not on your list?

If your vehicle is not on our list please contact us we are always making new developments so we may have a solution for your vehicle DPF removal.

Can you come to my house or place of work to do the DPF Removal?

Yes we can offer a mobile service in most areas in the North West a fully qualified vehicle technician with experience of reprogramming vehicle systems will come to you at your convenience and install the DPF Removal software.

Will DPF Removal affect my fuel economy?

Yes you should see an increase in your fuel economy!!

How long does it take to install the software?

It takes between 1-2 hours to install the software and is an approximate time but this will vary between vehicles.

Please contact us if you have any other questions not listed here.