dpf removal - Diesel Particle Filter RemovalDpf removal

We have had many years experience in customising vehicle software, including dpf removal.

Our dpf removal software can be produced for most vehicle manufactures listed below:


  • Volkswagen dpf removal
  • Audi dpf removal
  • Seat dpf removal
  • Skoda dpf removal
  • Bmw dpf removal
  • Chevrolet dpf removal
  • Saab dpf removal
  • Vauxhall dpf removal
  • Volvo dpf removal
  • Ford dpf removal
  • Peugeot dpf removal

If for any reason your vehicle make is not listed it doesn’t mean we can’t do it. It means we just haven’t listed it, so give us a call. We are always happy to offer help and advise.

Why are you having problems with your DPF ?

Unfortunately we are seeing a forever growing amount of customers approaching us for our DPF removal software, this is mainly due to the DPF (diesel particulate filter) not being regenerated properly, therefore the customers report loss of power or poor running. In most cases the engine warning light and the DPF warning light are also illuminated. At this stage it usually means a expensive repair bill, so that’s why we are here to help with our DPF removal software at a fraction of the cost’s.

Our DPF removal software is offered form around £200 but physical DPF removal must be undertaken after we have completed our process. A list of recommended workshops will be listed on our site, alternatively contact us.

Benefits after DPF has been removed.

After DPF removal you can expect to see better fuel economy, a less likelihood of a breakdown or “limp” mode. Best of all you will have saved around £1000 not having to replace the DPF, which is often considered as a service item at around 75,000 on Volvo’s.